Saturday, September 15, 2012

Recipe Review #4

Feeling like you need something a little bit ethnic to eat? These recipes I tried fit in that category, though I'd guess no one would say that they are true to their country of origin's version.
I'm not a hug fan of cauliflower. I think I liked it more before it kept showing up over and over in my Bountiful Basket/Co-op food shares One can only consume so much cauliflower. I had heard people grate it up and use it like rice, so I looked for a recipe on Pinterest and found this Fried "Rice" recipe from Fat Secret.
It came together easily with the help of my food processor. My kids were fooled that it was rice. MY husband was not. It did taste pretty good, but I think will only be made when we get another unloved cauliflower and I won't go out of my way to buy one just to make it.
To make it part of a real meal, I served it with some super good stir-fry chicken, that of course I don't have the recipe of for you. Its one that I'm just too lazy to type out for now...
I'm always happy to try out a crockpot recipe and have it work. This one for Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas from Stacey Makes Cents was a winner for sure.
My husband said the meat was "money." Everyone loved the fajitas. We served them on uncooked tortillas (as in we had to cook them, not we never cooked them)  with some garden tomatoes, cheese, and a little sour cream for some of us. Roll them up and YUM! (We buy the uncooked tortillas in bulk at Costco and freeze them. So much better than the precooked kind sitting on the shelf, and often less money too!) One thing I would note. I have a crockpot that is known to cook at a slightly higher temperature than most, even on low. Next time I will probably not put the vegetables in until the chicken has been cooking for a bit. This time I cooked it all together, but then I took the veggies out early. This one is a keeper!!!
I'm always up for an easy noodle meal, that's why this one caught my eye. Though I often have a hard time finding soba noodles (am I alone in this?), I thought that this recipe for Spinach and Soba Noodles from Milk and Cuddles looked tasty and worth the search for the noodles.
The kind I found were fresh, but I have since found a boxed instead of refrigerated version. Before making the recipe, which I doubled, I decided to add shredded carrots in addition to the spinach. My kids don't love spinach, but I still wanted them to get vegetables, so I did half of each. The consensus, especially from my husband was that this was good. His suggestion was to add some meat - steak, perhaps, next time. Another keeper! (Now I just have to remember which store I found those boxed noodles at!)

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