Friday, November 6, 2009


I have several other things to post, but just haven't made the time. I figured I had better get my kids' Halloween costumes up before it was so far beyond the holiday.
When I asked my kiddos what they wanted to be they both said a skeleton. I tried to get them to give me different answers and still no. Well, that would make this Halloween easy - no costume to sew! I knew that Babies R Us sold cute sweatsuit ones like the ones above for cheap. Too bad they don't make them big enough for my boys! The store bought alternatives I saw were creepy, cheaply made ugly skeletons not really age appropriate for my little ones.
Somewhat disappointed and excited at the same time of having to do it myself, I went out and bought plain black shirts and sweats. I used one of my son's shirts as a model for ribcage.
The rest I drew from pictures I found online. The trickiest part by far was cutting the "stencils" out of the freezer paper without making any mistakes.
It took three coats of paint to get it super white on the black fabric.
I was very pleased with how they turned out. The gloves could have been a little nicer, but that was all painted on freehand the day of Halloween so their hands wouldn't get cold.

And now they can use them as PJs all winter!


  1. oh my freezer papered those skeletons??? WOW. That's a lot of work. Very cute!

    btw, great picture of you in the sidebar.

  2. These looked so good in real life that I thought they were store bought. Way to go.

  3. My preschooler is looking at this post right now and begging me to make him one. lol. I was hoping he would be something sweet like a clown for Halloween. Thanks for such a great tutorial.

  4. I love your costumes! You did a great job on them!

  5. I love this halloween costume! you rock!

    Happy Halloween!
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