Monday, February 20, 2012

Clothes Talk: Part 3

So, this is my last post about clothes that focuses on building up my wardrobe and finding a style that works for me and my budget.
As I mentioned in the previous posts, I have been using Pinterest and Polyvore to help find outfits that I like and color combos I would have never thought of. When someone pics something I think is cute on Pinterest, I go to the Polyvore page and look at all the other outfits that the individual who created the pinned one has made. Often times I love their style and other times I don't. And rarely do I like everything in the picture. So, above is an example of a few outfites I have liked and how I could make them sork for me. The first column is the original picture, the second takes out what I don't like at all or would never wear/have. The third column is how I would actually probably wear the outfit. If you notice all of the first pictures have scarves. I have tried to make myself like them but I can't. I think they look cute on other people and they can instantly change an outfit. I don't even think they look bad on me, but I don't like how they feel. When I was at my parents' house one weekend I wore one of my scarves for part of a day. It just bugged me, but I wanted something that would keep that extra punch a scarf can give. So, I thought of an idea.
I looked through a lot of the outfits that I had pinned and made a list of colors that seemed to keep showing up in the form of a scarf. Then, I looked at looked at jewelry online to get some ideas of style or presence of color (like some of the hot pinks ones above aren't so cute, but there is a lot of color). My mom is great at making jewelry, plus it was around Christmas that I thought of this and people needed some ideas of what to get me. Anyway, I'm still working on my jewelry collection as both a substitute for scarves, but also just because I am trying to accessorize more.
Another idea I thought of that can bring that same color or pattern that a scarf might to an outfit is belts and headbands. I just recently made myself a headband that I really liked and it fit well and was easy enough that I plan to make more, keeping my outfit choices in mind.
So here are some samples of outfits I have found online and my version of/inspired by them. As you can see, they don't match perfect, but I don't think they should. In fact (and maybe I said this in another post), I stopped pinning outfits because I didn't want someone to see me that follows my Pinterest board and say/think - oh, I remember seeing you pin that outfit. Some how it takes away from feeling like I am a big girl now wanting to dress like an adult and makes me feel more like someone had to pick out my clothes for me (which they sort of did). Anyway, it has been fun re-learning how to dress myself. It's funny to me how I was pretty on the ball in my high school days, but as a grown up I just plateaued on caring about how I looked. Not that I didn't care at all, but maybe not quite enough for my own expectations/wants. I am far from caring too much (and am saddened when people do because I want them to just like them for who they are and be real and know that I really don't care how they dress and would still like them if they wore potato sacks).

I hope these last 3 posts haven't been too rambling. I felt like I wanted to share about my style journey because a lot of other moms/not-moms might get stuck in a rut too and I just wanted to share that it doesn't have to cost a lot of get out of that. You don't have to feel like you fit into a mold and dress like all of your friends or co-workers or the girls on blogs. You can find something that works for you that just so happens to work period. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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  1. 1- I love that turquoise necklace with the green cardigan
    2- For some reason I think it's so funny that you don't want people to see you in outfits you had pinned... I think it's impressive that you're taking a look and making it your own, especially what you did at the top with those polyvore sets
    3- I like your pops of color and how almost everything has a black or white base and then some color
    4- I love how you're substituting necklaces for the scarves to get a similar but more comfortable look, especially those multi-strand necklaces, they have the same effect. I think the best way to make jewelry is to find something you like (I used etsy before pinterest), make a list of what you need then when Michael's or JoAnn has 40% off beads & supplies, buy everything for a few pieces and then make them one at a time. Two things I didn't used to have and my friend showed me how to use are crimping pliers and little shear-like cutters, with those and a few fish hooks & chains I feel like I can make just about anything. Probably TMI but there's my 2 cents. :)