Friday, November 2, 2012

Recipe Review #5

Sorry for the absence. I kinda had a baby. So, a little preoccupied with that. Even having all of these recipe reviews ready to go with pictures and all that, the baby prep stuff sort of took over. And I'm thinking I'll just have to wait another year with going through the costumes. I'm rather lame that way with my timing. But, every day is another day to try again to be better than I am! :)
This Pinterest find led me to the Ezra Pound Cake blog. Visiting there again just now makes me think I need to try out a few more recipes. There are so many! Anyway, the one that I HAVE made is this Zucchini and Corn Quesadilla one.
These were an interesting twist on a basic quesadilla. I'm a fan of vegetables and liked how loaded this was with them. I think they could be made with a lot less grease, but that is about all I would change. Though they would be eaten as a main part of a meal, we paired them up with some gazpacho.
 This was not a Pinterest find at all. It was a Google search find (remember when that was the main way to look for ideas?). I had been wanting to make some sine I have never eaten it. So, I selected this one from Lottie + Doof.
This is a great thing to make if you have good bread from the bakery and didn't quite eat it all before it got a little to stale to enjoy (the recipes uses day old bread). Also it is great for when you have a garden full of not exactly a November sort of a meal... I liked it, but my husband didn't really all that much. It was sort of weird having cold soup, but it felt like a healthy refreshing thing to eat - great for the summer time. I think I'd like to make it again for me and freeze small portions for lunch. I think it would freeze ok.
The notes on this next one are mine. We love Rumbi (a regional restaurant chain). I love their Rumbi rice and haven't had a rice bowl i didn't like. This one is teriyaki based bowl. This recipe is from Favorite Family Recipes.
Let me tell you, this turned out fantastic and all 5 of us loved it (that's a 2 year old all the way up to 25 year olds). I could not find the teriyaki sauce they suggested even after looking in two stores. Instead I bought a nicer kind (instead of the usual cheapest kind like La Choy). I don't remember the brand for certain, but I think it was Annie Chun's. Seriously LOVED this one. There is a bit of prep involved, so to save yourself some work around dinner time, chop up the vegetables earlier in the say or the night before.
I have been meaning to share Morgan Moore's website with you guys as one of my 2 geat blog finds months ago. It all started with a felt cone I had seen on Pinterest that was fashioned after the hotel cones in Cars. After finding that, I literally read her entire blog over the course of a week. I loved everything about it. Everything. Anyway, she, along with being a fun seeming mom (without making me feel bad about what I do and don't do as a mom like some blogs tend to make me feel) and creative with crafts had tons of delicious looking recipes, so I pinned them. You will see more reviews on them on the blog over time. this particular one was for Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps and Coconut Rice. (I guess today's theme is teriyaki and coconut rice?)
I used dried cherries instead of fresh and my food processor sped up the shopping time a lot. Also, as for fresh ginger, I usually do one of two things. One, I have a large chunk in the freezer in a plastic bag and just grate it as needed. Sometimes I also use the pre-chopped kind you can buy in a bottle (I'm also a big fan of bottled minced garlic, not that you are using any garlic in the recipe.)
We just used iceberg lettuce for the wraps because, well, I'll just say it, I am too cheap to buy the butter lettuce that she recommends. This was another winner. I love finding recipes that totally work for us. So good and great as left-overs, though you may have to fight someone for them...

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  1. Those look super good! I need a bit of a shake-up in my meal making (or not making)! Definitely trying everything except maybe the gazpacho. I'm sure it would be good with tomato soup though, or tortilla soup. You're making me actually want to make dinner tonight! Plus, I am so far behind on my blogs that I didn't even know you had your baby!! I'm off to check your family blog!