Sunday, September 7, 2008


My sister's first baby was due 2 months before my first. I wanted to make her something. I was making myself one of these covers, so I decided to make her one too. The animals were copied from the animals on her bedding set. I scanned in her bedding, enlarged the animals, and then printed the patterns of them out. Next I found felt that matched pretty close to the original colors and then cut each piece, hand stitching it on with embroidery floss. The dots on the turtle and giraffe's backs were embroidered, as well as the stripes on the zebra. Same with the elephant, giraffe, and zebra's tails and giraffe's hair. VERY time consuming, but I loved it when I was done (and so did she!) and I was very proud of myself. This is from a pattern - Butterick 4416.

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