Thursday, July 1, 2010

Other People's Babies

I have had so many friends and neighbors having babies in the past couple months that I literally have had a hard time keeping up. I know I keep posting baby gifts, but hey, if that's what I'm sewing, that's what you get! Some people were having their first baby (or babies!) and others were on their second or third. I loved making stuff for all of them, and try as I might, I couldn't just given them something direct from the store. So, what have I been working on?
For the Twins in Texas:
My long time friend Jamie and his wife were expecting their first two kids in May. A boy and a girl! I made a little set of gifts for each baby and added a little photo holder to go along with it (they will just have to share!)
I sewed each baby a little carry along blanket, matching onesie and burp cloth. My favorite item in the boy set was the whale shirt.
And for the little girl my favorite item it one that I made along time ago to sell - the super soft and furry blanket.
Lily in Maryland
 When I was in 5th grade I developed a friendship with a newer girl named Sara and we became inseparable best friends. Her dad was in the Navy (or Army?) and they moved a lot. She spent a few years in good old Iowa before moving on again. Despite her living in Maryland and me now in Utah, we have maintained contact all this time, which I love. In honor of our Midwest times together, I made her some burp cloths (actually enough for her and like 6 other baby gift sets!) from some cute farm fabric that I fell in love with a year or so ago. (It is always so nice to go to the stash instead of the store!)
I used a pattern from Homemade by Jill and copied her edging technique. I ran these through the washer just a few times, but know they will soften up on the edges more as they get used and washed.
And since Sara was having a little girl, I decided it was time to try out another sweet idea I'd seen, but first, simple appliques on the front to match the burp cloths
And then flip over for fun - the ruffle bum onesie! (from Crap I've Made, found through U-Create) ! I loved making these. I used the pinking shear technique. (I think next time I will line the ruffle rows a little closer together.)
I added in one of my favorite baby books (that just so happens to color coordinate too!) and shipped it off in the mail just in time for baby Lily to arrive.
The Neighbor Babies
These two gifts were fairly similar and inspired by this awesome birthday party favor. My original idea was to make a Lowly to go with each of the Richard Scarry books, but decided that was an undertaking I'd save as something to keep for my own kids. So, instead I made shirts that matched the cars in the book. (And tossed in more photo holders.)
Obviously Lowly in the apple car was a must.
And who can resist a pig in a pickle car? (The pictures in the smaller book are a little different. The ones I chose for the background came from the must have "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go," if for nothing else than to find goldbug on every page.)
The next gift was for a third child who already had a big brother and sister. My guess is clothes were probably well covered already, so I just "made" a simple ric-rac kimono as seen here also from Homemade by Jill. I thought it needed a touch more so I added a turtle and sewed up a soft turtle with a few bells in it. (This was one of many project put together while I suffered through insomnia!)
A family who was adding child #2 to the family and the first boy got a gift set similar to what the Texas Twins got. I BOUGHT part of it at the store! I was so shocked at myself. Well, obviously the onesies from the other gifts come from the store and so does fabric, but these were items I hardly touched, but couldn't resist adding just a little to them.
I had bought this flannel previously and thought it was perfect boy fabric. So, I backed it with some dark green (which actually matches the small darker parts on the blanket very well) and should have stitched it with orange for fun, but I couldn't find my orange thread until I was all done.
As for the slightly jazzed up store bought part, I found this little set that matched the colors in the fabric and I thought it would be fun to add a little bit on the blanket fabric on the shirt and shorts.
So, I think I am all caught up on other people's babies, which is a good thing - my baby will be here around Monday sometime and I have a few more projects for me to finish up first. We'll see when I can get them posted. And then maybe we'll move on to something non baby related (I did make PJ bottoms for me!)

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  1. I LOVE the Richard Scary ones. I want those for my kids :)