Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Jane's Tux

One of my many cousins just recently had her first baby. Most of the recent new babies I have sewn for have been boys, so I was excited to make something more girly. I opted for a feminine tux-like outfit.
For the top I used a basic onesie and added a lacy bib and bow tie.
For the bib I just sort of drew on paper what I thought would look proportionally good. I used this as a pattern and cut it out from left over fabric from another project. I then sewed the main bib piece on and then lace attached the lace to both the bib and onesie at the same time. Round 1 was actually very crooked. (Who knew that knit would be so wiggly? I guess that is what you should use heat-n-bond stuff!) Round 2 - the final attempt - turned out fine.
The riffles on the backside were inspired by an idea I saw on Dana's MADE site.
At first I just had the two rows of red ribbon, but once the bib was done I thought I'd add the lace back here to tie it in to the front better.
As for the skirt, I started out with just a plain black a-line skirt. I didn't use a pattern but guessed on the dimensions using some measurements I found online. Unfortunately, I didn't make the waist big enough and once I cut off enough to be back to the point where it was wide enough, it was way too short - and I didn't have anymore of that black fabric.
Thankfully I still had the black scraps from that same previous project. I made a little band, added a ruffle and waistband and it turned out quite satisfactorily. Now, I just hope the measurements on that website were right because it wouldn't be as cute if Jane didn't get to wear them together. What I do know though, is that it is too small for my 3 year old son!
Ready for presentation. I attached a black and white card and shipped it off in the mail.