Monday, February 22, 2010

T-Shirts Into Skirt

Another catch-up posting. This was a project I did last summer. 
 It started as one half of this (the other half is waiting for it's revamping still).
I had seen several skirts similar to this in the store and tutorials online. I decided it would be a nice addition to my summer wardrobe. I didn't follow one particular blog's idea, but meshed a few together. After cutting my strips for each tier of the skirt. I basted the bottom of each and then pulled one of the strings to sort of tighten it all up. 
Sadly on the botom layer I tightened it a bit too much losing the tier's a-line look and crating more of a balloon. Easily fixable, but I was pretty far into the project when I noticed, so I just deal with it. (This is the only picture I have of me wearing it and would have put it on for a new picture, but I think I'm a little pregnant for that now.)

I used elastic thread to make tighten the waist. It sits perfectly comfortable just above my hips (and using the bottom on the original t-shirt saved me an extra step).
I wanted it to be sort of rough around the edges. I love how the layers looked with the raw edge showing. It was a much trickier task for me than just a normal seam would be.
The hem is also still rough and I like how it curls up a bit along the edge.

It is so comfy that I might try another that will fit my preggo body better. I think I will skip the rough seams to save myself some time. I would also definitely make sure I get the a-line, not the semi-tulip thing going on.

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