Thursday, January 27, 2011


My poor little abandoned blog. I actually have projects I haven't posted, but admittedly haven't been working on much lately. Last night I wrote up an entire post and with one accidental keystroke and Blogger's mostly nice auto-save feature (which was not so nice in this case) it was deleted. Awesome. You may feel like you've seen the next 2 items. The first one you sort of have. A friend of mine was helping with a gift shop for the Festival of Trees in December and the proceeds went to a local children's hospital. She asked if I could make a few things. I whipped these two up with stuff I already had on hand and wish I was less lame and had made a few more.
I love these. I still had rick-rack left over from the other shirt I made. The striped fabric was originally used for a pair of PJ capris for me (that of course have not been blogged about) and also used for the turtle on the other shirt. (Again the idea was from Homemade by Jill, although she fancies it up one step further with added buttons. I might need to try that next time.)
I liked my little caterpillar and am getting better with all those stitches around such a small area.
I love argyle. If you look in my sock drawer you will see that it is true. When Dana from Made posted this a couple of years ago I figured I could use the idea for my own boys (It's true, look at the comments). I haven't yet (and it also put an idea in my head for a really cute idea for a skirt for me that I will make someday too).
The pink fabric was left over from some receiving blankets and burp cloths that I made this summer. I don't think I would have normally chosen this color combo, but I wanted it to stand out from all the other presumably similar looking items in the gift shop. In the end I liked it a lot.
The ruffle bum. I love the ruffle bum. This time I used jersey fabric from an old t-shirt (that was also used to help make a sweet earth costume that I will get around to posting too, though maybe at this point I need to wait until early October!).
I think the jersey will look better after washing than the plain cotton has. I used the pink thread to match the front fabric for a nice added touch. 
Hopefully both my items sold and that some happy girl & boy are wearing these right now. I am glad I could contribute just a little bit to such a good cause. I know many people whose families have been blessed by the services of those at Primary's, including my own. It is nice to have a hospital dedicated to helping kids so close to my home.


  1. I LOVED everything you made & they were gone the first day!

    Also, I can not WAIT to ruffle bum up just about all simple onesies I have. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Lettie,
    Oh wow...what a small world, how great to find a relative through the blogging land. And you have a Lyla, how wonderful. I love the name! So we are trying to figure it out exactly, is Yvonne your great grandmother? Also, I love the ruffle bum onesies, I have a new grand baby that needs some of these.