Saturday, February 5, 2011

Steelers Girl

 Can you guess who we are rooting for on Sunday?
 Ever since I have known my husband he has been an avid Steelers fan. Our boys were small enough to fit into this cute Steelers outfit given to us by their uncle. Their little sister was a summer baby, so I needed to find something for her to wear to support them in the Super Bowl tomorrow.
Enter the "meant to freezer paper stencil something cute on this for my son" 3T shirt that he is too big for now (with pocket already picked off).
I lined it upwith a dress that it a little too big for her to get a basic dress shape (and really, with an a-line I could have just eye-balled it).
I cut the sides and then cut the sleeve narrower too.
  Like so.
Then I gathered some some basic supplies (I had no yellow fabric paint, so I improvised and the used dryer sheet will be explained in a bit).
I slipped my printed out logo under an old white t-shirt and traced it with a washable fabric pen. This is something you could use a freezer paper stencil for, but I felt okay with the idea of semi-free-handing it.
I filled in my logo with paint and waited for it to dry. Once it was I ironed some light heat and bond on the back and cut out my circle.
I ironed it on the front of the shirt. Then centered the used dryer sheet under it on the inside or the shirt and pinned it in place. You could use pellon (or nothing really), but it is a nice stabilizer and it is a nice easy way to recycle. I got the idea from V & Co., but they used it for the front part of an applique.
Zig-zag stitch on the front and then turn over and you can trim your stabilizer.
Once that was done I just sewed up the sides on my dress. I thought it turned out nice but needed just one more thing.
Cute. I've yet to try it on her, so hopefully it fits and she won't be the only non-fan in the house.
Have fun tomorrow watching the game or more importantly, eating snacks and watching the commercials.
Go Steelers!

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  1. Very cute! If I had a little girl I would totally make one... wait ... I am a girl... I could make one for ME!

    Too bad they lost! My 5 yr old told my husband "Daddy... don't worry... they will win it next year."

    Let's hope so!