Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yikes, Stripes!

 So, the Steelers lost. Admittedly pretty much only my husband was disappointed and maybe my older son a bit who asked me, "Mom who is the best team?" and didn't like it when I told him it was the Packers. The dress fit my baby girl perfectly. I put some little striped pants on her with it. The pants, if you would believe it, are something I made her for Halloween. They were a little big then, but she is also just a tiny human. I should clarify  with tiny and amazing too. (She climbed up some of the stairs at my parents' house during the game!)
Anyway, back to the pants. I bought some shirts on clearance last fall. I forgot to take a before picture, but one shirt was a striped Henley, either XL or XXL. I bought it to revamp for me and realized I could make my baby pants too. I just cut off the bottom portion of the sleeves, sewed them together, added an elastic waistband and, viola! Baby pants. (I used a pair of her pants as a slight guide.) 
 And out of that $3 shirt also came a shirt for me. I had been wanting to make a some sort of ruffle shirt for awhile. This is pretty minimal, but I like it.
 I added the ruffle, tapered in the sides, and since I was pregnant at the time, I proudly brought my work to hang in my closet since there was no way it would fit. My clothes are arranged by color, with black and white being right next to each other. Anything with both, like this shirt, gets sandwiched in between. Somehow in my haste to get a good deal on this shirt, I forgot that this was already part of my wardrobe.
It's obviously without the ruffle, but it is short and skinnier too, so I guess I don't have an exact duplicate, but still...

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