Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shirt to Pants

One of my favorite thrift stores nearby is organized, well-stocked, has  colored tags that are 50% off each day, has amazing sales, and sends coupons in the mail. So, not only can I get some nice used stuff for a low price, sometimes I can get discounts too! Every time I find stuff at thrift store I get so annoyed at myself for when I shop at regular stores.
 Anyway, this what I came home with recently. Everything was for me except the shirt. I bought it with my baby girl  and St. Patrick's Day in mind. (I have already been complimented on the shoes, am working on that spot on the shorts that I didn't notice in real life, and feel the need to go drink some (diet) Mt. Dew right now.)
 I just traced around a pair of bootleg pants from Target that she has, cut and sewed them and a short time later, she had new pants (with plenty of fabric left on the shirt  for other potential projects.)
 So, now she gets to be festive this holiday and is safe from green-less induced pinches.
And even if her brothers don't want her to play with them, at least she can be happy in her green like they are.
(If you feel like making some festive "clover' treats today as seen above, head on over to Heaps of Laundry)

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