Monday, July 11, 2011


When my older sister was a little girl my mom used to make them matching outfits. I've always thought they looked cute when I looked through the pictures of them. When I decided that I was going to make a dress for my brother-in-law's wedding, I knew I had to make my baby girl something to match.
Wanting both outfits to be simple, I decided to make a skirt for her using one she already had as a guide. Lucky for me I found a cute and a little bit fancy brown onesie at Carter's on clearance.
The brown in the skirt fabric and onesie didn't go perfectly together, but the layer of cream helped make that less noticeable. That, and it also made out matching not stand out as much. There is a waistband out of the flowered fabric, but it turned out a little more narrow than I wished.
As for my dress, my simple solution was to make a "seams" dress. I wanted a new dress in a hurry years ago and saw that my mom had a "1 hour" pattern. It was McCall's 7725. It was meant for knit, but we ignored that and made it out of some kind of Rayon or something (sorry, I'm not super great at knowing all my fibers). That is the above dress. We nicknamed that style a "seams" dress because you could see the black thread along the sides of the original version, like the tension wasn't tight enough on the serger and the threads were a little too loose. Since we made this dress I ignore the "knit only" rule on some patterns. However, that doesn't work for all body types.
I was skinnier back then and the pattern I had cut was too small, so lucky for my I found a bigger size on ebay! I whipped the dress up super quick and added a sash around the waist. I'm excited to have the pattern again because it is so easy to make!


  1. That is so fun, I LOVE matching Aspen, I have never made anything but I just sometimes buy her clothes that look similar to something I have. I am so impressed that you just "whipped up" a whole dress and I love that you added the sash.

  2. I love your dress! super cute the both of you! What a fun idea I might have to make something matchy sometime!

  3. love the matching - so cute! Now you need to make a red and white polka dot one. i LOVE lyla's skirt! I should request skirts for my girls for their birthdays - you are so good at it!