Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clothes Talk: Part 1

So, remember when I said I wanted to talk clothes/fashion/style? Well, here I am. I actually feel a little dumb posting this, but I am really hoping for some responses as to how you choose what you wear and so on.

A few years ago a girl I knew made fun of me for how I dressed. I was annoyed and angry and really surprised that a grown adult would actually say something to another adult in such a 7th grade manner. 
Did I stay up with the latest fads? No. Did I accessorize? Mostly no. Did I wear things that flattered me? Not usually. Was I comfortable? Oh, yes! Comfort is very important to me.
I won't lie and say that her words didn't affect me. They did, but not so much in the way probably would have wanted them to. In fact, what made me rethink the way I was dressing myself was a post I read  years later that I wrote about on our family blog*. After reading it I realized that I could be comfortable and wear things that flattered me, all while staying true to myself and not buying into whatever the fashion industry told me was cute that particular year. (And, I don't care that skinny jeans are all the rage now. They have not, nor ever will be flattering on a body like mine. I am totally fine with that.)
Sorry, I think I accidental stepped on a soapbox with that. Let me move on...
Before the days of Pinterest, I used to occasionally tear out pictures from magazines or catalogs of outfits I liked or particular clothes items. I kept these nicely taped in a notebook. Once I started using Pinterest I saw the cute outfits (and not cute outfits) that people pinned. I thought to myself - hey, this can help me on my new quest of wearing comfortable and flattering clothes! And as I started pinning outfits I realized something.
I own most of what I would want to wear! I just never add a little flair to the solid shirts with jeans look. I didn't realize that THAT color looked really nice with THIS color. I hadn't thought about how a scarf (something I will address in a later post) or pretty earrings can totally change an outfit.
So, one day I tried it. I had on a white shirt, brown cardigan and jeans. Very Collette of an outfit and also very librarian. Even though when I just hang out at home I wouldn't normally wear jewelry, I decided to try adding a little something extra to my plainer choice. So, I pulled out this greenish necklace I bought at Wal-mart for like $4 and put it on. You know what? I looked so much better! And I felt better too. Just because I didn't have anyone but my own family to see all day didn't mean I couldn't look nice. And I was still comfortable. I started looking more closely at the things I was pinning (which, by the way I no longer pin the outfits I like. They all go into my One Note pages I have set up and used to organize things before I got in Pinterest.) I noticed that there were a few more changes I wanted to make to make my wardrobe "just so" for me. And I will tell you all about that later because I already feel like I have totally rambled and I want to keep you hanging (not really, but kind of), so I will continue on a different day. But, as you wait, you can share with me if you want why you choose to dress the way you do. I am sincerely interested to hear how other people figure all this out.

*My family blog is private, but here's a snippet of what I wrote in 2009 (which you will notice some sounds a lot like the above statements): 
I am not hip, trendy or cool. I am fine with that. I hate the ebb and flow of fashion. (Like why should I wear skinny jeans today when yesterday I was told they are not flattering on most body types?) I like the staples in clothing. The classics. The things that don't change. But, I also like some fun in my wardrobe. And as much as I like that by taking good care of my stuff so that it lasts, I also like to get new clothing now and then. I found this website called Sensibly Styled a few weeks ago and fell in love. My fondness grew after seeing THIS POST today. Now I just want to go through my closet and drawers (and truthfully the bin in the garage full of stuff that will likely never fit again, despite my want) and clean out. I have way more clothes than I actually wear, but still need just a titch more - solely for variety. (I am trying to step up my sewing to assist with this.) ...
I'm never going to be trendy. It's not me, it's not my thing. Occasionally there are trends that I do really like. The cute shirts with slightly puffy sleeves, the ruffles in the front, plaid shorts - I dig all of those (yet own none). I don't understand things like scarves and I doubt I'll ever put on leggings again (or heaven forbid - stirrups, which I saw in the store the other day!) Those are me in 4th grade, not now. But, I won't say never to them.

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  1. Well now I have no advice because you already know my secret: shirt, jeans, cardigan, scarf or necklace, earrings, done. :) I like your approach to fashion because I feel like a lot of women feel like they *should* be trendy or fashionable and then they feel guilty if they don't want to spend time or money on it, and I say the same thing as when people ask me about scrapbooking, that you should do it if it's fun for you (like it is for me) but if not then don't worry about it. I wear jewelry almost every day because I like it, but it makes me feel awkward when girls will almost make fun of me for being "dressed up" with no where to go, and I feel like why do you care? This is what makes me feel good and if wearing yoga pants every day makes you feel good then DO IT and don't feel threatened by me or whatever causes you to make those comments. But that is the libertarian in me coming out. Anyway, I am "left hanging" to see what you will write about scarves and I will admit that I bought 1 pair of skinny jeans to fit into my boots but I feel much cuter in my boot cut jeans, and I love buying cheap jewelry at Walmart (or making it for even less) and lastly I think it's super awesome that after all your pinterest action you felt like you already had most things you wanted in your closet!!