Saturday, March 17, 2012

[Project from the Past]: Fancy Clothes

I have been terrible at posting projects as I do them. I have like 4 just sitting there waiting. Maybe I will have to label all of them "Projects from the Past!" 
Easter is just a few weeks away and if you are the kind of person who likes making fancy outfits for the occasion, I thought I would share some more fancy things I have made from store bought patterns. This was when they were much younger.
 For my boys I used Butterick 6030 for the shirt and pants.
Even though I made them twice, I didn't learn from the first time to shorten the top so their pants wouldn't be so tall. It was the first time I even made a waistband with a flat front and I loved how they turned out. It was also the first time I even made a button down shirt (though I used snaps because I am terrible at buttons/buttonholes).
The tie was from my own brain. I just used basic ribbon and sewed it to elastic that stretched enough to go over their heads.
For my daughter I used New Look 6877.
 I used fabric that was left over from my wedding dress that my mom made. I quickly learned that such delicate fabric require a very sharp fine needle so that it would make snags in the fabric. lined the top piece with some sheer decorative fabric. I also made booties with the same lining and satin underneath. (You can see being kicked off in the upper right photo) I believe I used the basic idea from this bootie, minus LED lights, of course!

It turned out that even though they all seemed complicated at first, they ended up being quite doable and I was really proud of myself for making them. I may just get ambitious and make an Easter dress for my daughter.

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  1. That is so impressive! I really would like to sew. But since I have about 100 other unfinished projects, I'd better not start. Those clothes look awesome, and I love looking at the front of those patterns, they remind me of picking out clothes with my mom when I was little.