Monday, July 30, 2012


I've already told you I am back-logged on posting projects, so here's a glance at some of what I've been up to recently.
 Eating loads of cherries. These are ones from my dad's cherry tree and were gobbled up instantly. Since then we have had many bags more from the store (and when you can find them for less than $2/lb. why not eat to your heart's content?).
 Attempting bleach spray t-shirts. I'd find the source for you, but there are so many I don't know which I actually used. What I can tell you is that I used a 50/50 mix of bleach and water, freezer paper for my stencil and in the middle of the shirt to keep the bleach from soaking through. Less is more with the bleach. I though I hadn't sprayed enough when I didn't see anything happening and then BOOM, I couldn't get back inside to rinse it of fast enough. (I made one more for me, but I also altered the shirt and it isn't done, so no sharing yet.)
 This is me at work on sewing projects in February while having an overnight with the females in my family. I completed but never shared the headband. I got the pattern free from Happy Together. I like it, except next time I will make it a little narrower. It does this weird stick out thing on the top of my head that I don't love. So, back when I made that, I also started some PJs for my boys. I cut them out and partially sewed them. I needed them with me to figure the waistband and hem. So, being the on top of things kind of girl I am, I finally finished them this month.
 Characters from Peanuts. (And since being washed the heat-n-bond peeled. I guess it wasn't true about "no-sew!"
 And even though I didn't finish the last pair (the sharks), I did start and finish a whole pajama set for my daughter in the same day as I finished the boys' PJs.
 My nice friend Marta let us come over and pick apricots from their tree. I soaked a batch in water slightly spiked with lemon juice, put it on the food dryer (they are supposed to go cut side up - so don't do what I did in the picture. I fixed it later), and then enjoyed dried apricots!
 I completed a jewelry project within days of buying the supplies! I don't love the necklace, but I was quite happy with the earrings. Thankfully (or not) my daughter pulled on the necklace a little too hard and broke it. So, I have to restring it - this time with wire instead of line, so I do have an opportunity to change it up a little.
Last thing to share today is the massive amounts of salt water taffy we have been eating. I occasionally go to Sunflower Market to buy produce because it is really inexpensive. They also have a bulk section that has taffy set out in individual flavors. In the last month we have consumed nearly 4 pounds of it. I let the kids pick their grosser flavors and stock up on rum, Neapolitan, orange cream and peppermint for me.

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  1. Man, that saltwater taffy looks so good!! I like those earrings a lot too, and I have actually been happy about the kids breaking necklaces (sometimes) for the very same reason... and I've been wanting to try those bleach shirts so I'm glad to read about it first!