Friday, July 20, 2012

Recipe Reviews #1

As promised - some recipe reviews! I'm going to do a few today because I am back-logged. There's a cookie, breakfast food, and camping food (also breakfast, I guess).
 I figured it best to start my recipe reviews with a recipe I said I would make in April. (It is only 1 of 2 things I actually finished up. So sad.) This one for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies is from The Idea Room. A friend had originally pinned this and wrote on her blog that they were so good. So, I tried it.
 Hmmmm, mine don't look quite like the picture, do they?
 They were fine and all, but no one really loved them at our house. I'm not going to blame the recipe because I must have done something wrong, though as far as I could tell I followed the recipe and directions just fine.
I saw about a billion pins/repins for this French Toast Bake originating from Rach's Blog.
It was pretty easy to make, but way too sugary for our family. I like a drier (more boring) French toast. It did get gobbled up, but definitely felt like I might has well given my kids cupcakes for breakfast. And yes, I fully recognize this is not meant to be a healthy breakfast item!
Alright, I shared 2 fails-for-us, so here is a success. Before we went camping Memorial weekend, I used Pinterest to find some camping food ideas. This one from  Truly Simple suggested baking orange rolls in orange halves.
It was awesome. It actually didn't take too long to cut and clean out the oranges (it was sticky though!), plus it gave the kids something to eat while they waited for the main part of the meal. We used 2 containers of rolls and had plenty to share. It was a fun switch in our normal camping breakfast routine.
So there you have it! I have lots more to share and hopefully it's interesting/informative for you.

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  1. So glad it's not just me who tries recipes and they look nothing like the picture!! I have made a french toast casserole that is also very sugary and has lots of butter and cream, much more like a dessert item, like you were saying. I'm sure my kids would love the oranges & cinnamon rolls for a camping breakfast, that's a great idea!