Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recipe Review #3

I'm going to call this an "all hits" review of recipes. We liked all of them and they get to stay in my recipe binder instead of taking a trip to the recycle bin.
 We're a Mexican food loving family, so I was excited to try these. We eat a lot of burritos, but I can't say as though I had ever made flautas. So, when a friend pinned these Baked Chicken and Spinach Flautas from, I added them to my to make list.
I made them as directed except we had uncooked wheat tortillas that I had to cook up first. There is an option to use beer or chicken broth and I went with the broth - well, actually chicken bouillon.
Everyone liked them and they were easy to make. We topped them with salsa.
One of these days I will have a post all about recipes I have tried from Iowa Girl Eats. Admittedly I found myself looking around her blog a lot the first time I went there just because I miss my homeland. Reading the blog probably made it worse. I went back later and started actually looking at the recipes and just kept pinning them to make later. So, this taco pizza is actually not from Iowa Girl Eats, but she posted a link to it. Happy Joe's is a Midwest pizza parlor chain. Our local one finally closed down after getting flooded one too many times. It was a fun place and one of the few places I have ever had taco pizza. So, to relive old memories and indulge in what many people think is a weird way to eat pizza, I happily tried out the "Happy Joe's Taco Pizza" recipe from Sweetie-Petitti.
  I got my crust from Papa Murphy's. They used to let you buy just a plain tray of dough, so I sent my nice husband to get it on the way home while I prepped everything else. Little did we know they changed the rules and did NOT want to sell him a crust. Finally he got them to sell him a cheese pizza with no sauce.
When he got home I tossed everything on and baked the pizza. When it was all dome I topped it with the cold stuff and broken chips and it was time to eat. I think that everyone would agree, it was worth the wait.
Some of us added some taco sauce on top, but with or with out it, everyone truly loved it. I have made very few things that really just got gobbled up so fast. I don't know if it was the novelty or what, but I will take what I can get. I was definitely a favorite mom that night.
This is one I see show up a lot on Pinterest. Let me tell you, it is for a good reason. It is SO good. The original recipes for Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad with Honey Lime Dressing is found on For the Love of Cooking's website. (And from a small glance around, this is likely not a one hit wonder from them.)
When I made it we had it with quesadillas. It was a great combo.
The salad honestly was so, so, so yummy. The flavor and texture mixture was perfect. I made ours with Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes from our garden, so that may have moved my liking for it up a notch. (If you have never had Sweet 100s, you must try them!) This is a recipe you should try today. I may need to make it again in a few days when the tomatoes on the vine have ripened more.

I have many more recipes reviews to share. I have projects and ideas to post, but alas, I am a terrible blogger! Some of my projects that ave still gone unposted are from baby shower gifts...for babies that are close to 18 months old now! So, love my randomness, because if you can't, then you just wouldn't like me!


  1. Your cherry tomatoes look way better than the ones we are growing on our deck. I hope I have an avocado because I want to make that ASAP! Sounds awesome with quesadillas. It's 10:30pm and I'm seriously considering just going and making it right now.

  2. Happy Joe's pizza. How fun. I will have to go repin it