Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mix & Match Onesie/Skirt Set

A friend of mine has been very generous giving me the clothes her daughter outgrows. She even gave me a pile of really nice maternity stuff - half of it still with the tags. The clothes are super cute and it has really helped me out. So, my friend was set to adopt a baby girl and I was very excited to feel like I could return the clothes favor (especially since I had all the clothes this new baby would have grown into!). So, I made this little mix and match onesie-headband-skirt set...back in August.
The onesies were pretty simple. I've done this ruffled collar style before. It's pretty quick, especially with knits.
For the skirts I broke into a few thift store/garage sale jackpots. I used the fabric from the shirt on the top of that pile on the right (I know you can't see it, but it was an XL camisole style tank top and the fabric was high quality knit.)
 I had scored all of these trims in a notions grab bag from the thrift store. I actually just bought it for that lace that I couldn't seem to find new. The pack of narrow light blue bias tape found its way into my project.
 So, here are the two skirts. I didn't hem the blue skirt. I knew that would give it a bit of a rough frayed sort of look, so I cut out a bunch of circles and basically just sewed an "x" across them. As the skirt gets washed, the circles should fray too, completing the look I was going for (which also matched the ruffle from the same fabric on the onesie). For both skirts I tried out the colored elastic that is gaining popularity. I think it is fun. I just bought some more this week in red to finish up a skirt for my daughter. As for the other skirt, I used Dana's circle skirt pattern. Super easy. Instead of hemming it I used the narrow bias tape. I really loved how the skirts turned out.
When I make baby gifts I like to make them feel complete, so I whipped up a couple of headbands. The dark brown one is left over from my brown skirt and inspired by Delia Creates. The other is just a simple stretchy lace headband with a flower thing on it. I just stacked some circles and sewed an "x" though them.
Here's all the mixing and matching. This is seriously one of my favorite baby gifts I have given in awhile. It makes me feel bad when I can't/don't have time to make gifts for other moms-to-be and just buy something. It also reminds me that I should be doing this for my OWN kids.

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