Monday, September 13, 2010

Ruffle Bum for My Baby

My first attempt at the "ruffle bum" seen on Crap I've Made turned out well, but it also turns out it wasn't actually my first time making a ruffly bum on a onesie. I'd just forgotten about the other, inspired by Dana. I love how they look, so I made some for my own daughter.
I bought two cute striped onesies in different sizes and found fabric that matched both from the remnant bin.
The ruffles seemed so big on such a tiny body! They were a little crooked, but I did improve on the last ones by putting them closer together.
For the front I added a little ruffle by the collar, created in the same style as the bum ruffles.
This is what it looked like after being washed. I should have tacked down the front because I don't think you should have to iron baby clothes.
Ruffles on the bigger, different colored onesie.
For the front of this one I just applicable one of the flower patterns from the same fabric.
Ruffles washed and then ironed.
Despite my dislike for having to iron baby clothes, it looks better than the alternative...


  1. Oh ruffles! Cute collette. Isn't it fun having a girl to dress? I'm actually working on a ruffle addition to my tutorial too!

  2. She is so cute!!! I love those fabrics! I hope she doesn't lose that hair, what an adorable little perfect baby girl!