Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barbie Clothes

My husband's family trades names for Christmas. We each get a limited budget. Too limited I think, but it has caused me (or inspired me, anyway) to bust out my sewing machine (and maybe finish some projects. I got the cheapest Barbie I could and decided to make clothes for her. I thought it would be fun and easy, but still slightly challenging because New Barbie is not shaped like Old Barbie - and I wasn't going to detach my niece's gift from the box backing to size her.
The first thing I did was gather up my old Barbie clothes, my scrap fabric, and an old Barbie so I could sort of try the clothes on something.

I traced the old items (and used part of a pattern I found online for one of the dress tops).
Here are the old school pieces of clothing with their new counter part. Incidentally, most of the old clothes here were made by my mom.
I was excited to put my little labels inside each item.
So, here they are... I really liked the polka-dot skirt. I need to make a top to match it still. This was the first thing I sewed.Next up are the rest. On the top row are all the uses for the black dress. Barbie can go to a Halloween party as a wizard/witch or have a night on the town with her boa around her shoulders (which also can be worn as sleeves).
On the bottom we have a party girl or something outfit. The sluttier the Barbie outfit, the easier to make! Actually, the pants were easy too, but my fabric chose was not easy to sew. The next one is for night time Barbie - some PJs. and lastly, a nice dress. The top of this is not perfect, but I am hoping it will look a little better on the new shaped Barbie.

Things to change for my next batch of clothes - have the actual doll that will be wearing the clothes easily accessible, pick my fabric more carefully so that it is easy to sew, and use mini snaps not velcro.


  1. Collette...those are amazing! You are so talented. Can't wait to see more. I LOVE homemade Barbie clothes. So much better than the ugly hooker clothes Mattel makes.

  2. ummmm...seriously i might pay you to make some for claire! they are soooo cute...i love each outfit! you are amazing.

  3. Great job. I would think it would be hard to make clothes so small, but you make it look easy. Your neice is pretty lucky!

  4. Very cool! Wow, sewing small clothes like that is really hard. Your niece is going to be STOKED.

  5. Very clever, nice job! She will love them. I like you labels too.

  6. At first when I saw you were making barbie clothes - I got excited because I thought you had Emily's name for Christmas and they were for her LOL - They really are cute! I remember getting a huge box of homemade barbie clothes from Aunt Ramona as a kid - that was a great Christmas.