Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Felt Sandwiches

I have been seeing felt food on sewing blog after sewing blog. I knew I had to make some and now I have! My mom is getting some toy dishes from me for Christmas and I wanted to add a little more to the gift. Felt food seemed like the perfect match.
I had ordered a pack of assorted felt online from JoAnn Fabrics. When it arrived I was a bit disappointed because about half of it was weird carpet-like "felt." However, I realized it would make great bread.
I based the size of my pieces on her dishes, so all of it is smaller than the real food version. I hand-stitched each piece. It would have been faster with a machine, but I liked the old fashioned feel of pulling the needle and thread myself. I plan on making some more sandwiches and some other foods for my boys.


  1. That's adorable! I think my kids would love it, but I will probably never make the time to do it. I have been wanting to make felt hair clips, I keep seeing the cutest things on etsy like stitched flowers and strawberries, but since I don't have a girl I never get around to it!

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