Thursday, April 2, 2009

Marie's Material

My neighbor across the street is a very sweet 91 year old lady whom I just don't visit often enough. Marie crochets and tried to teach me. I failed. My fingers just don't work like that. (I also failed around age 10 when my mom tried to teach me.) She has made pretty things for my boys and even crocheted us all matching hats! She knows that I sew, and since she no longer can see well, she offered me her fabric. I only took about half of the stash she got out for me, and apparently there is more.
She mostly quilted and I don't. However, I still thought that I could find something to make out of this fabric - whether for me or to sell. If you have any ideas (not that you can actually see the fabric that well), pass them along. I am thinking maybe table runners out of the Christmas stuff. Marie requested that I show her something I used the fabric for and I don't want to disappoint her!


  1. How fun! It seriously is cooler to make something when there's a story behind the supplies.

  2. That is awesome. I love that she shared with you. My mother in law did the same about 6 months ago and I only took about half trying not to look like I wanted it all. I too failed at crocheting if it makes you feel any better. I tried and I don't didn't work.

  3. Thats that best kind of stash, you are lucky! I read your little side bar bit about being "crafty" and I feel the same way. I have never ever liked the word crafty or crafts. It just conjours up all sorts of tacky images of stuff with sequins and jewels :)

  4. Sweet! Gotta love free fabric. :)

    Thanks so much for your kind comments over at DMom and my blog. They meant a lot. I'm glad to have discovered you too!

    amy smart