Monday, November 30, 2009

A Summer Skirt

There is snow on the ground and I'm writing about summer? I'm still just working on catching up on some old projects. I loved this fabric because it was so bright and matched several shirts in my closet.
This one actually started a couple of years ago. It was all cut out and nearly ready to go. The main thing holding me back was a drawstring to go through the rivets on the front.
I just couldn't make one small enough, so I changed the front a little. I had to cut out the rivets which left a big hole. I just covered it with a little square of fabric and laced my drawstring through (probably could have made a longer drawstring).

I really like how it turned out. The only problem is how the waistband lays on my waist in the back. I think I may do a combo of elastic and drawstring next time and see if that helps.
 I used this pattern, Simplicity 7229.
Several years ago I also made these capris that I love from that pattern too. (And a pair of camouflage shorts that ended up being too big.)

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  1. Love the skirt! Really cute and great fabric!