Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Sewing Space

I always like looking at pictures online of where people accomplish their sewing or other similar projects. I wouldn't call my work area a craft or sewing room. It's more of, well, a sewing space and not a pretty one.

It is in our unfinished basement. The "walls" are made of book shelves and the "door" is a piece of Masonite to keep our cats out. The concrete walls are an ugly green that the former owner painted (the ironing board cover matching is purely incidental). In fact, they painted ALL of the concrete walls in the basement green. I'd paint over them to make them look nicer, but we actually need to find a way to get the paint OFF the walls entirely so we can seal them and get working on finishing the basement. But that is another subject entirely.
I have pretty much all the supplies and lighting I need. A sturdier table would be awesome, as the bounciness of the card table can get annoying. If I have a big project I will move upstairs to the kitchen table. Plus, then I can work during the day when the kids are awake.

I am certainly not lacking in my fabric stash. Sadly, it's more of an unfinished project stash. I bought all of this with the intention of making a bunch of blankets to sell and have stashed away for baby gifts. I have dozens of excuses or not working on them - I don't like sharing my sewing space with the place I have to do my work from home job at, it's too cold, my ruler for cutting binding is lost (true story until yesterday), don't have times, etc. The truth is that I just get so excited about the idea of a project that the actual working on it is a bit of a disappointment. But I am pleased about 95% of the time when I am all done and wonder why I don't sew more.
So, I've got some goals and am currently working on a time sensitive project. I have a few things I made for the kids for Christmas, that if I could get them to pose in I could get a post written up. And there are a few other projects I haven't posted either that I am hoping to get to relatively soon.

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  1. cool to see your craft room! I love finding out where people sew and create stuff.