Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Gifts

My cousin's girlfriend had a baby girl and I wanted to get them a gift. I was in another one of those "I need to make it not buy it" moods, so I tried out some projects I'd seen online.
First up was a picture holder. I got this from an episode of Martha Stewart and had a several already made and ready as gifts (minus pictures).
You hang the photo cards on a shower ring and then add a few plastic links so it can be attached to a car seat or stroller for baby to look at and not lose. I added patterned paper to the backs as something else to look at (black and white is supposed to be stimulating to a baby's eyes), plus I didn't have anymore pictures to put in.
Next up (and super easy to make!) was a crinkly soft toy. I saw this idea on Chasing Cheerios last fall and saved it to do later. I skipped the ribbon tags though.
The last gift was an I-spy bag. I have seen these all over and wanted to make one and like this idea from Make it and Love It where they are in fun shapes.
I sewed on a little ring so the plastic rings could hook on and be used for the stroller or carseat as well. I need to get a coupld of these made for my boys. I have lots of supplies to make more, so if you want one, I know a girl who knows how to make them.


  1. These are super cute. I really, really like the photo card things. Very creative

  2. Hi, thank you for leaving a comment!
    I have jus finished making a baby gift too which included the eye-spy bag, I will be posting about it once I have got round to sending it!