Monday, January 4, 2010

Spider & Bug

I was shopping at a thrift store one day, mainly looking for little knick-knacks to use to fill some I-spy bags. While in the game section I scored some new or barely used games (with all the pieces) for $1 each. I snagged this puzzle so I could use the pieces for my I-spy bags (not remembering that puzzles in small boxes often have HUGE, not tiny pices). In the book section I found a Miss Spider book that I thought my kids would like. When I got home I realized that A - the puzzle pieces were way too big for my project, B- that all the pieces were there and C - it matched the book I bought. We draw names for a cousin exchange for Christmas, so in addition to a new game, I decided to give these to my niece with some bonus handmade felt finger puppets.

I was hoping to make more, but they were trickier to make than I expected with all those legs. I wanted them small enough to fit on a child's finger and that limited me a little. My Miss Spider needed bigger eyes and I like her a lot less than the other bug that is a main character in the story. Despite the project being far from perfection, I think she liked it and it made me want to make/give more book/puppet combo gifts. I've seen some other great puppets others have made online to accompany a story. (Where the Wild Things Are (my favorite children's book) - super cute! And a more basic, but still fun Grover to go with "The Monster at the End of This Book," incidentally another of my childhood favorites)

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