Friday, February 5, 2010


I used to have 2 pretty big full spice racks, but still way to many herbs and spice to fit in them. A few years ago I got rid of them and opted to just buy empty jars to fill. I have become pretty good at identifying what I am looking for without even reading the label anymore (I always double check though, I'm not THAT good!)
Spices can be expensive (maybe not these, but some are really expensive!), so I thought I'd pass along something I have liked doing. It might not be an option for you depending on where you shop, or maybe you already do it.
At one store I don't normally shop at, but make a special trip JUST to refill my bottles, there is a wall like this right behind the pre-packaged herbs and spices.
Usually they have everything I need. I just have my list ready with the approximate amount I need. Each of my bottles hold about 2.75 oz. Once they get to about 2/3 to 3/4 empty I like to refill them so I don't run out. So, with my list handy, I just stop here for a bit and fill up bags.
And when it comes time to pay I am super happy to see that I'm hardly paying anything for my spices. None of these amounts totally filled the bottles at home, but even if I had it would be at least 50% less than to buy it pre-packaged.
It's kind of fun to open the grocery bag and have so many strong (good) scents come out. (Looks a bit like a drug dealer, doesn't it?)
A simple pour with or without a funnel into the jar and all done.
I also like to get some other dry goods in this fashion. My mom gave me a recipe that I love for some super fiber-filled muffins and I like to pick up all the various nuts and seeds that go in it from the bulk section.

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