Monday, February 8, 2010

Swords and Capes

Another old project, but not as old as a few I still haven't posted. This was a gift I made for the boys for Christmas.
 I was hoping to post it sooner, but to get them to hold still long enough for pictures has proved rather difficult. But in light of two of my favorite sewing sites Made by Rae (you might remember I participated in her Spring Top week last year) and Made's "Celebrate the Boy month, I thought I'd post them.

(Also, without some mending I wouldn't be able to later - you'll see at the end of the post.)
After making the pirate set for Henry, I wanted to make my boys a variation of it. They've been begging for swords so I thought I would make each of them one.
 I liked that with these swords they could hit each other like crazy (and like I figured they would) and not really get hurt since there is just stuffing inside.
Unlike the shorter pirate knife, I made these more like a traditional sword - long and straight.
They are made with felt and on the handles I added each boy's initial.
 In addition I made each of them capes. My older boy also got Zelda hat. He was super into Zelda after watching my husband play, plus his first initial is Z, so I borrowed the Zelda logo for the cape. 
 My younger son is the one I made the pirate set for, but he refuses to wear the hat and barely would wear the cape for these pictures. The red stripes match the inside of his pirate hat. (For the capes I used the basic idea found on another site, slightly altered. When I can remember where I will post the link!)
 They have LOVED the swords.
  And they held up really well...until we had some friends over this week.
I guess I made them tough enough for my guys, but not all boys play the same, so it looks like I need to revamp and reinforce my stitching!


  1. SUPER Cute!!! I just may have to make this in about a year! So cute!! Nice job.

  2. awesome swords and capes! And great pics too!!
    thanks for posting about our BOY month Collette!