Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Slight Re-vamp

I went to the thrift store the other day to get some clothes to rework into things that will work in my maternity wardrobe. This is my stash.

The only thing I have re-vamped wasn't actually just for maternity purposes, but is for now. I bought 2 tank tops in a much too big size for like $1.50 each or something at Old Navy. I needed to be able to cover them up, so I specifically looked for shirts and sweaters that I could make into short-sleeved versions of themselves.
 The only complete one just involved a little unstitching of the center seam. Easy! A few of the items I will just leave as is, but expect to see the denim skirt with a maternity waistband, same with the light blue pants (which will become capris for when I am boiling hot in the summer). I found a few tutorials on how to convert regular clothes into maternity.
(I have some other links that are maternity from scratch that I will post later.)

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  1. Great job Colette! You inspire me to want to go make and sew clothes. What thrift shop do you go to? I went to the Sandy D.I. - oh wait, I was actually looking on their maternity rack, which is full of crap clothes. Converting regular clothes is a good idea. Especially when you get them for so cheap. Good luck with your projects. I'd love to see all the final results.