Saturday, August 21, 2010

[Project from the Past]: Little Girl Outfits

I was just sorting through some pictures and came across these two. they are gifts I made for a baby shower. Since the point of this blog is mainly for me to keep track of my projects, I thought I'd post it. There will likely be more posts like this in the future as I find other old projects to post about. I really loved how these turned out. Whether they got much wear from the recipients' little girls, who knows.
 The black was maybe a questionable choice for a baby, I'm not sure. I thought the lavender ribbon softened up a bit though. The pants were like little capris.
I really thought this one turned out extra cute.  I tried making a regular diaper cover for this set, but got frustrated by all the elastic I had to thread. In fact I still have the bottoms I originally started making with my sewing stuff. Maybe I can give them another go for my our daughter.

 Sewn from a pattern: Butterick 3846

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  1. I love the eyelet one - so cute. Maybe I can contract you to make some cute skirts for my girls :)