Friday, January 27, 2012

Saw it/Did it: Hair

So, I have a lot of love/hate feeling towards Pinterest. That is a whole post of its own that I certainly will get to some day. I thought it would be fun to post things I did that were something I saw on Pinterest. I will always link you to the original website (because I figure that is what you should do, since Pinterest didn't come up with the idea). So, The "Saw it/Did it posts will be things I found on Pinterest. Maybe it'll get me doing more and looking less.
 Last night a friend had pinned a "no curl" tutorial. I have used some in the past and thought I'd give this one a go. It was from The Paper Mama. Basically all that is required is a headband. I tried it last night and here's how it turned out.
The pictures is a dumb self portrait, but it shows the hair well enough. The is not how it first looked, but instead after a walk to and from my son's school. I didn't remember to put gel in my hair (I don't own any and forgot to use mousse or something else). My band was thinner than hers. The mark on my forehead didn't go away for like 2 hours. Also, I have short hair, so I had to go back and curl all the ends under. I will still consider it a success and good for a day I want some texture. My hair is baby fine and straight as can be, so it is fun to have a little volume now and then, even if it does look a little like my perms in the 80s. Next time I will try a softer, fatter headband.

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