Friday, June 15, 2012

Jewelry Rookie

Like I mentioned in my last post, I have been wanting to try my hand at making my own jewelry. I had gotten some ideas online and one that I wanted to tackle first was this Momma Bird Necklace. It seemed doable and since I am not planning on having anymore kids once my October baby is born, I wanted to make one with all 4 birthstones.
First thing I did was go to Michael's with coupon in hand. I got some basic jewelry tool set, wire, chain, and "findings" (which I think is a hilarious way to describe the different pins and what-not needed for jewelry making). I didn't like my bead choice there for this particular project, so I headed to a bead store near my house that my mom recommended to me. I was in there forever trying to pick out my beads. And, it turns out the store is closing, so all the lose beads were 50% off. If I can get the hang of this I will likely go back and get more (with solid ideas in mind) and get them before they are gone.
So, last night I decided to be brave and make the necklace. I had been wanting to check out Downton Abbey because I swear everyone says it is good, so I put it on and got out my new supplies. First attempt at the necklace was just not good. I like the tutorial linked above, but I am pretty sure it was not made for people who have never touched jewelry supplies before Version one was too loose in some spots and too tight in others. I took it apart and tried again. Although it isn't perfect (and I really wish I found birthstones that looked more like eggs), I think it turned out okay. So, moral of the story - don't be afraid to try something new. :)


  1. October baby? Congrats! We had no idea. I love the necklack. One of my friends up here has one that she ordered from GroupDealz. I never would have thought to make it myself.

  2. Do you have Downtown Abby on DVD? I need to borrow it when you're done if you do.