Monday, July 16, 2012

Green Shirt to Skirt

 Sometimes I chuckle when I read about people not having done mending in 6 months or having an unfinished project from last year because that is my life. I have pictures for posts I meant to put up from several years ago. I have projects that have been sitting around that long too - untouched. For example, my daughter turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and I had bought this green shirt when I was pregnant with her.
 As you can see in the picture, I am a hefty 29-ish weeks along wearing the XL men's shirt to show the before picture. And the shirt just sat in a pile until last week. I got on a random sewing kick for a couple of days (the other projects are nearly done) and I actually started and completed the shirt to skirt project in one sitting. Go me!
And I LOVE the after. I have been wanting a green skirt since seeing this one. I actually found one to alter at the thrift store, but being pregnant (I'm 26 week along) doesn't really help a person alter clothes to fit their regular size. So, I needed a solution in the meantime (and something I could wear later too).
Then I saw this one on Delia Creates (who I met in January when I helped at Dana's class and she was so cute. I STILL haven't blogged about that - see? unfinished posts!)and was going to do the whole black elastic band thing, but realized I wanted it solid green so I can put it together with a shirt and have it look like a green dress.
So, I folded my big manly shirt in half and used a combo of these two skirts (one from Target and the other from Old Navy) and made...
This! So comfy and super easy (though the ruffle did take a bit of time. I sewed part of it too tight and it took longer than normal to gather.) 
 I made the waistband with the sleeves. I was hoping I would have enough to enable it to fold over like the Old Navy version, but I didn't. I still love it though.
And now I have a green skirt! I tried it out with a black and white shirt and already have a few other shirts in mind to wear it with, which is a sign of picking out the right color (which sometimes I don't).

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  1. I love the ruffle around the bottle, that's super cute! And I almost forgot you're pregnant!!