Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blah Blah Blah

I'm sitting at the table again having just started the dishwasher again. I'm sort of craving lemon drops because I just refilled our Lemi-Shine container. I didn't know they sold a refill pack until a recent visit to the store. I like that. Saves me a few bucks. 
I'm happy to report that I do not need to babysit the dishwasher this time around. On Saturday we finished the plumbing that allows the kitchen sink to drain once again. By we I mean my husband. We went for 2 weeks without use of the drain. And of course after that mess got taken care of, our heater went out last night. It was 56 degrees in the house when I woke up. I walked the kids to school and after being out in 6 degree weather for 20 minutes, my cool house felt so very warm! We got the furnace fixed - a quick and easy solution that was less than free. If I had been good about changing the filter we could probably have avoided the cold night and the fee, but alas...
Other random thoughts? Well, I have been minimally working on recipe reviews and just looking at the food makes my week's dinner plans look so sad. We had a freezer meal tonight, a failed meal last night (I sort of liked it, but not really anyone else), and fancy things like pigs in a blanket to look forward to later in the week. I wanted some easy things and I don't think my kids have ever had pigs in a blanket and might like them.
Anyway, that's all I want to share. I started typing up this whole other thing about a line in the song "The Boxer," but decided I couldn't make it make sense how I wanted and that this probably wasn't the place for it anyway.
Oh, one more thing - I started sewing 2 little baby dresses. I'm excited about both of them and am using this pattern from Sew Much Ado.

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