Friday, January 11, 2013

Wreath - How To, Sort Of

So, I have posted on the right side of the blog the top pages visited. They were all mostly related to Halloween costumes and then a post that includes a onesie with a Richard Scarry character on it. In the past month or so my wreath I made last year has joined the list.
A few months ago on Pinterest my cousin pinned a wreath that looks a LOT like this one. Crazy thing? It wasn't mine. It wasn't anyone I knew and she didn't know me. The look a little different, but the stars were lining up in some crazy way last January because we made and posted them around the same time.  Anyway, I commented on her post about how like-minded we were and that I liked how the wide tulle on hers looked better than mine and linked back here. So, I think people are coming here from that link. I really don't know, but not that many people read the blog, so that's all I can figure.
I don't know if that has happened to you before (not necessarily though a blog, but just generally), but I have seen it and experienced it a few times. I read several sewing blogs. It seems like often some of my favorites will happen to post about the same exact idea. I don't believe they are copying each other, there is just something in the air. One blogger even commented on it once, though I can't remember which.
I remember when I was in high school I used to think of these ideas and have my mom make them for me. (Both of my parents are very creative and skilled. Growing up I loved that they could take my ideas and make them a reality...maybe more on that in another post.) Anyway, my mom had all this terry cloth fabric and I thought it would be awesome to make some PJ pants out of them, so my mom and I made those along with a pair that had ric-rac for the drawstring and beads on the end. (I don't recommned ric-rac for a drawstring, too hard to pull.) Anyway, a month or so later, I saw terry vloth pajamas in the store. So, was my idea my own or one I had just seen and forgot? That just can't be answered. 
So, back to the wreath, as far as I know, I didn't copy anyone on this idea and if I did see it somewhere and used it, I would definitely give credit to whomever inspired me. That's just what I do. Now, the reason I am even writing about this is to sort of show how my wreath is constructed. I tried to make it like this one from Kelly Hicks Design, but the tulle was NOT fanning like hers. Let me back up - supplies I used:
foam wreath thing
  • 2 packages of snowflake ornaments from Target
  • 1 roll of white tulle from JoAnn fabrics
  • glue gun
  • pins
 I first wrapped the foam ring in tulle and glued it down and the beginning and end. Then I glued down my snowflakes. 
 If you see my original post, I had planned on that being my wreath, but it looked lame. So, I tried the pretty ruffles like the Kelly Hicks wreath linked above. It wouldn't work. So, I just made fans.
 I can't remember the dimensions of each tulle piece, but you could play around with what you think looks best.
I pinned each fan into the foam. If I did it again I would choose all white pins instead of just whatever I pulled from the pin cushion.  I filled it with fans until I ran out of tulle. And that's that. It really is easy.

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  1. I like the wreath a lot with the tulle "fans." I still have those snowflakes waiting to be made into a wreath... the problem is that Carson hates wreaths and also I always feel like I have to make 2 for the 2 front doors so that project is perpetually on the back burner! Good job on the wreath though, I really like it!