Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ramble On

I'm sitting at my kitchen table with the exciting task of babysitting our dishwasher. We have a portable one and you have to attach it to the sink for it to run. While mildly annoying, this isn't usually a problem. When you have an old house and your only set of pipes you haven't replaced get plugged up, then it becomes an issue. I have to keep a basin under the faucet so that whenever the dishwasher drains during its one hour cycle, I have to grab the full basin and dump it down the drain in the bathroom. It is tedious, but will do until the plumbing gets fixed. That's one of the downsides of living in a cute old tree and lamp lined street. That and our house keeps getting smaller and smaller somehow. We're about to put kiddo number 4 into the bedroom with her three older siblings. The plan is to build a loft for my other daughter and then cram them all in there until the day we finally get the basement done, or at least their room. 

So, as I am sitting here impatiently waiting for the next draining cycle, I figured I'd make good use of my time. I have my folder full of recipes I have tried and am updating more of the recipe reviews.
In other exciting parts of my life, this past weekend I finished up a book called "City of Bones ." It's a teenager series and the book was given to me. Let's just say I won't be reading books two and three. I did start another book that I am liking though. I read "The Thirteenth Tale" a few years ago and my current book, "The Monsters of Templeton " was a recommendation based on that by Goodreads and my library's website.
My husband and I watched "Dark Shadows." We both had low expectations, but not low enough. But, to make up for that, we started season three of "Mad Men" and we're plowing through it, each of us finding moments in which we can relate to the main characters. As for projects, I am working on scanning my kids' papers. I don't know how people do it. I want to keep every morsel. How could I not when my kid makes pictures like this?
I really think I'm going to open up an etsy shop for him. As his mom I'm going to think he's great, but I think the appreciation for his unique style could go beyond motherly love. Maybe not. Perhaps I'm just obnoxiously bragging about something that really isn't. All the same, I've been loving scanning m kids papers, even if just to revisit a younger version of them. It really is amazing what a difference a year makes when they are so young.
I've got to go dump some water now, so all done with my rambling for today.

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  1. I've read the 4 of the Infernal Devices books including City of Bones, Ashes and Glass. There will be a movie coming out next year (August) about the books. There are 6 or 7 books total in the series. Some are prequels, but it doesn't matter what order you read them in. Book #3 was my favorite. You should also try the "I am #4" series. I believe there are 3 books in it. I'm about to start book 3 - The power of 9. Awesome movie too if you haven't seen it.