Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recipe Review #7

Let me start with the changes I made. Clearly that is not white cheddar (and people, if you didn't know - cheddar is cheddar in the US. If it is "white" or "Vermont" cheddar it just means it doesn't have that orangey-yellow food coloring in it. I learned this in Vermont on a farm. Maybe you already knew this about cheddar). Truthfully, it's not cheddar at all, just our staple cheese, Colby-jack. I can't be certain now, but I may have just used thick white bread because I don't love sour dough. Not sure though.
I promise there are grapes in there, even if you can't see them. Consensus on this one? YUMMY and SO HEAVY! This is not one for the times you are counting calories.
I feel a bit like I'm lying by saying I made these Florida Avocado Summer Wraps from Healthy Happy Life. The main point of it that makes it different is that it uses Florida avocados. We couldn't find those. Just the regular kind.

Oh, and no yellow tomato either. Just regular red. So, what I made was good, but not amazing and the recipe went to the recycle bin.
No photo of my own on this one, but I did make it. Promise. The French Muffins from Velvet Lava were yummy. They were easy enough to make. Despite the yummy and est factors, I opted to toss the recipe. They were just plain old too rich for me. Also, by believing the caption on the Pinterest pins, I expected them to taste like French toast when in reality, there is no utterance of "toast" in the recipe at all.
This Chili-rubbbed Chicken with Shredded Spinach salad from Dinner a Love Story just looked tasty. If you start to look around the website for a bit you might find "a bit" turning more into "a while." The site is wonderful with stories of family, journals of meals, and there is a cookbook to match.
This one didn't blow us out of the water. The chicken was pretty good, but not great. The dressing was also good, as well. Basically it just felt like a pretty standard Southwest style salad. The recipe is staying in my binder for now just because we like some variety for our SW salads and more importantly, for our burritos.

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  1. I love that you do these and that you take your own pictures. I think I said that before but I think it every time. I'm definitely trying the grilled cheese, and I am surprised you don't like sourdough since I love it and it seems like we have similar tastes? Anyway, I want to try the southwest salad too since Carson would love it if I would make things like that more often. Once I tried a grilled cheese with green apples that I saw at a restaurant but it wasn't that good. The one with grapes looks better, with the turkey and everything, I would try it tonight if I didn't have salmon ready to go in the fridge.