Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Recipe Review #10

I promise I didn't make all these sweet things at once.
Who doesn't love monster cookies? This recipe from Recipe Girl looked like it had the best of all worlds - peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, and M&M's.
 I have made this two times. The first time I tried a few batches the big size and then a few the small size. I liked how the smaller ones turned out better. The second time I made them I just made regular sized cookies (baked at 375 on light colored cookie sheets). The funny thing about these is that both times I have decided on the first day that I didn't like them that much. They are really rich and I even halved the chocolate chips and M&M's.
 The second and third day they seemed so much better. I'm not sure why this is unless I just got used to over-sugaring myself. I shared them in a group setting and everyone liked them. However, after some debate, I decided to not keep this recipe as a "go-to" cookie. The main reason is that the ingredients are pretty expensive compared to most other cookies. Anyway, you should try them, you might find it worth the cost.
I love truffles. I don't think there ever has been a chocolate treat I have liked more. When
I saw this "Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles" recipe I instantly repinned it and put it on my mental "to make" list.
The directions were written great and they truly were easy! I opted to use both the coatings she did and dip some too.
My truffles were not as pretty as hers. This is my good cocoa one.
This is my ugly one. (I only did 2 of these.)
My almond ones were a little prettier and my husband liked these the best.
I made the most of these ugly things. I added peppermint extract to my melted chocolate (it's dark, though it looks more like milk chocolate in this photo).
I'm not so great at dipping, so these were not quite as good as the others, but still very tasty. Plus there is something marvelous about a hard chocolate outside and a soft smooth inside.
 And not surprisingly, they were kid approved!
It's been quite awhNutella cookies. Nutella is good. Cookies are good. So, I thought when I saw this recipe from Tasty Kitchen that these would have to be great.
What was great was using up all of my Nutella. I decided I didn't want to buy it anymore and this was the perfect way to finish it off.
They were easy enough to make, but I didn't like them.
Once the first batch was out of the oven, I added chocolate chips to the rest to try to improve them,, which i did, but not by much. So, thumbs down on this recipe for us.

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