Monday, July 15, 2013

Black and White

It took me much longer then it should have, but I finally finished my baby's blanket - just before she turned 9 months old.
The main hang up was the binding. I made it and never really felt like getting it made because it takes forever. At least it feels like forever.
 When I went to sew at my friend Nicole's house I probably packed 50 projects (not a joke. most were already packed up anyway) but when I got there I had only 2 things I felt like I had to accomplish. 1 - this blanket. 2 - an extremely simple and quick (we're talking 90 seconds max) mending job on my husband's shorts that I found in a pile of projects. He forgot he even owned the shorts! Anyway, this is me at work, laughing about whether or not I should smile for the picture.
 Anyway, I love it. She seems to like it, even if it isn't her beloved blanket that she's had since birth and uses as a pacifier. Better to introduce another blanket now so she isn't a Linus later in life, right?
 While we're going with some black and white projects (not on purpose), here is a refashion I did for my other daughter. I found this strapless number at the thrift store. I loved the ruching on the sides, the sort of rough edged ruffle on the bottom, and obviously, the polka-dots.
 I used one of her dresses as a basic pattern. I eyeballed the sleeves.
 I grabbed this worn out white shirt from my pile of knit "fabric" to add a neckline.
 The first version was lame-o. I redid it and changed my method.
 Instead of folding it over I sewed them right sides together and left one of the edges of the white all rough like. Far from perfect, but still fun.
The accessory, a hanging baby toy you put on car seats and such, was all her doing...
as was the posing!

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