Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Been So Long...

and I feel like the purpose of this blog has changed for me. If I don't wait over a year to touch it again. I was thinking this morning about how I was feeling like I needed a place to have a voice again, even if it goes unheard. Currently I'm listening to David Bowie's "Space Oddity." I am not nor ever was a big David Bowie fan, but the news of him dying made me sad. He was such an iconic musician and now that light is out. So, because I had Bowie put in my mind this morning I turned on what little of his music I have on.
Also on the agenda today is major laundry catch-up and less major, but still big, dish clean up. In addition there is some shopping to be done for preschool tomorrow. We've got our unit on the 5 senses this week, which involves quite a few food things. Included in that is the favorite jelly bean taste test.
And one more bit of randomness on this Monday is that I have finished mapping out my books I hope to read for the year. I have a set of 12 that I picked out with my sister (we each submitted 6), 10 that I personally want to read, 17 audio, and 15 Newbery award winners or honor books.  Oh, and my book club books, some of which I have already read. It's a bit ambitious and it's mostly just so I have a guide to keep me focused on books I want to read next instead of grabbing random ones.

Off to try and be productive now.

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