Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Felt Food

The felt sandwiches I made for my mom were well received. I really liked them too and good thing I had an excuse to make more! I made this set of food for my little boy's birthday. I added in some bacon, an egg, and a cookie. I changed my stitching on a few items too.
The cookie has chips on boths sides and a little stuffing in the middle. The lettuce, bread and lunch meat are all made with different fabrics on each side. The bread had the rouch stuff on one side and plain felt on the other. The lettuce is now dark green and light green. The lunch meat is the rough pink weird "felt" on one side and normal pink felt on the other. Once again all are hand stitched because I am too lazy to rethread the machine so many times and fill bobbins, but also because I really like how the handstiched looks.
I have a few more ideas for food that I want to make, thanks to all the great ideas on etsy and man sewing blogs.


  1. Cute! are you stitching those all by hand???
    And do you put anything in between them to make them a little harder? Or just two pieces of felt?

  2. so cute. if only I was so uncrafty...I wish! that food is SO much cuter than any of the lame play food we have (especially that crappy plastic junk.) well done.

  3. i really do love it! so cute collette.

  4. They really are all stitched completely by hand. The "felt" on the bread is pretty thick and stiff, so I didn't put anything in between those. I am all out of the weird felt though so if/when I make more, the bread will need some stuffing. The cookie is stuffed and the egg has two little pieces of felt under the yolk party. Everything else is just two pieces of felt.