Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recycled Barbie Clothes

As to not leave my other 5 year old niece out, my sister and I had a "sewing date" with her for her birthday. My sister is done having kids and was getting rid of bags and bags of clothes. Having seen my mom make baby doll clothes out of recycled clothes, I suggest my sister save some for our Barbie clothes project. I think everyone involved was pleased with the results.
What started as this...
Ended as this...
The old outfits and new outfits together.
My sister made these.
And I made these.
These clothes were much easier to sew than the ones I did from scratch. Already having finished edges and coordinating trims made the project go quite fast. It was fun to be able to make my neice doll clothes out of something that she once wore.


  1. amazing. I'm in awe of your skills. so darling!

  2. Totally impressive. Seriously, I don't know how you have the patience for those little bitty clothes. The jeans are great. And I really like the pink and white dress.

  3. C- that really was alot of fun to do. Emily has been playing with them non stop!

  4. That's great. I've been thinking about some of my favorite clothes that the boys have and what I'll do with them when I'm done with kids. I kind of want to make a blanket, so I can keep them for the memories, but then have felt a little bad that maybe I should pass them on to someone and not just keep them for myself, but making something useful out of them like doll clothes is perfect...if my kids were girls and needed doll clothes, or course.