Thursday, March 5, 2009

Deja Vu

You probably think you just saw this post, but I promise it is different. Slightly. I made another mini and micro blanket combo for my friend Jenny who is due in a few weeks.
The only difference between this and the last one is not just the dot colors. It's the first proper usage of my side tags.
Before this I had just cut them in half and used them in the Barbie clothes. I just folded and rolled and tied with a ribbon when I was all done.


  1. They are different fabrics. I noticed! Cute again.

  2. Love the colors on this one - you are so "uncrafty"

  3. Hey this is Brooke Gallagher from the ward. Had no idea you where SO creative. I am way impressed! And possibly will be blog stalking you for some great ideas!