Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pirate for Henry

A few months ago my sone was invited to a breakfast brithday party (which I thought was such a fun idea). The boy's mom thought that they could get away with one more year of not having a big party for him, but to their surprise they didn't! The day before his birthday he told his mom how excited he was to have his birthday the next day and have all of his friends over. So, his mom quickly got on the phone and invited us to the impromptu birthday party she was now having for him.
For some reason I decided instead of going to the store and buying a gift I HAD to make it. And I didn't really have time for this, but like the idea of a challenge. So, I busted out some fabric from Marie's stash, sorted out some felt scraps and came up with this dress-up in a bag idea.
I guess he really liked it and I am certain that it looks cuter on him! (My child sized models were sleeping at this point...) I actually loved it too and have plans to make more, with a slightly different pattern.

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