Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"New" Maternity Skirt

I mentioned back on this post that I was wanting to try and change some regular clothes into maternity ones. On that post I listed some ideas I wanted to try. In this instance I didn't end up using either tutorial for my skirt. I bought this cute skirt from a thrift store.
 I zipped it up as far as it could comfortably go and cut the rest of the top off. (Note to you and self - do your best to try the items on in the store, even if you have 2 antsy kids with you. I didn't try this on and it ended up being ok, but the pants didn't work out so well, but that will be a separate post because I don't have pictures.)
I cut up the blue shirt from a different thrift store run and created a tube out of it. Then I just sewed it to the top of the skirt. You should really make sure that the shirt is stretching the right way (around your belly vs vertical stretch) and make it be snug. I should have made mine tighter, but with this skirt it still stays up ok. More likely than not it will be smaller around than the top of the shirt (or pants if that is what you are working on).
What I love about the skirt is that I have maternity shirts in almost every color on the skirt. That way I can pretend I have really different outfits on, even if I am wearing the same skirt over and over - as it happens with pregnancy.

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