Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ready, Set, Jet

My friends named their new baby boy Jet. It is the perfect name for him, I think. Not that I have met him yet, but just knowing their family I know it is perfect. I wanted to make something for him and I couldn't help but use his name as my jumping off point.

A simple appliqued shirt.
A crinkle toy to match.
A freezer stencil painted shirt. Originally meant to be just his name, I accidentally got green on the shirt lower down. So, I busted out a potato, cut a little plane into it and stamped away.
I added another traveling photo album on links. 
 Tied it up with metal tag (name on one side, picture of him on the other) and sent it all off!


  1. Very cute. What do you use to glue the airplane down with? I'm assuming some type of wonderunder. Do you ever have problems with it fraying? or is that the look you go for?

  2. I did just use wonder under. I have no idea of they fray or not since I don't see them after they have been washed. The ones I have made for my boys (like the PJS)I didn't use wonder under at all and those frayed, but I wanted them to a little. Maybe I should keep something I make using wonder under to find out how they fare up wash after wash.