Sunday, May 16, 2010

Duck Towel

One of my favorite baby gifts was a duck towel made by my aunt. Like my mom, my aunt has the gift of being a fantastic seamstress. The version she made for me is particularly great for babies and toddlers. It' s a corner hooded towel which I think is easier to wrap up little ones and keep them warm than some of the other towels I have.My kids have just barely outgrown it.
When a friend of mine got pregnant with her 3rd baby and decided not to find out the gender, I wasn't sure what kind of gift to give her that would be gender neutral. She already had a boy and a girl, so she didn't really need anything, but I wanted to make her something. The perfect gift?
Something that is a need too - baby wash, diapers and a super cute towel to dry off with and a fun "washcloth" to go with it.
I used a basic pattern from Martha Stewart for the washcloth. I had stitched the eyes on out of felt and machine stitched the beak from cotton fabric on.
Both the washcloth and the hooded towel were all made from the same towel. I used a regular size towel and followed the basic pattern on the one my aunt gave me.I loved how it turned out. It made me want to buy some more towels and made some for my own boys - although for 3 years old and bigger I think a bath sheet would work better (or the whole half a hand towel attached to a regular towel method).

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