Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We love Flight of the Conchords around here. LOVE. Even though the show is over and done with, the music still remains. It was about a year ago that we saw them in concert and it was spectacular. Along with this love comes a lot of listening to their music around the house. My kids have also become fans, even at such young ages and the Robot song has been among their favorites (the hit of the day changes all the time). I wanted to make them robot t-shirts and had a design all penciled out. My plan was freezer paper stenciling, but to get all the colors I wanted it just seemed too complicated. Then a friend posted a cute she had appliqued with an owl on her blog (I'd link you but it is a private blog). Then a light bulb went off and a couple months later...
A ROBOT shirt! And as tempted as I was to just buy some of the cute printed ones I saw in the store, I was determined to just make mine. I am glad.
I showed the boys my stash of scraps and they picked out their head, arms, and legs colors.
I had this perfect silvery fabric for the bodies from long ago when I was going to make a star themed bedroom set. Add it all to a white t-shirt, stitch a little and paint a little...

I seriously love them. (And the boys wearing them.)

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  1. OK Lettie, you are way cool. I need someone small enough to make this shirt for.