Friday, May 21, 2010

Necklace Projects

Remember when I said I was going to make these necklaces? Well, I did awhile back and I just haven't posted yet. I found the pearl ribbon necklace here.I pretty much just did a practice run with the necklace to prep for teaching the girls, but I haven't tried to perfect it.
Here are the basic supplies needed. You could use any kind of bead and there are lots of styles of ribbon to choose from. I imagine there are a lot of methods to actually stringing the beads. I just tried out different distances between beads to get different effects.
I actually don't know that this is something that I will really wear much, but it was fun to trey something new. More importantly, the girls I was helping make them seemed to like it, despite the challenge it was for them.
The other necklace project was the stamped washer necklace. I have not made these with the girls, and so far my first attempt was my best. I used this tutorial.
I liked that I had colored Sharpies and so there were more options to choose from to fill the letters in. Also, if you notice, the first "e" is a little shallow. You can go back and res-tamp it to get it deeper, just make sure you line it up all nice and tight.
And I'd recommend doing your stamping on concrete so it is extra solid, just make sure to put something behind the washer so it doesn't get all scratchy on the back.
String it up, add a clasp (on in my case two knots so it can slide to different lengths) and you are good to go.


  1. That's awesome! I was thinking those metal stamps would be expensive but $6 is a great price and we have a Harbor Freight Tools pretty close. I have seen some of those stamped necklaces online and they're so cute but more than I want to pay. I am super excited to try this!!

  2. My girls dig their washer necklaces. Thank you.